only the best craft beer in bydgoszcz!



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Our offer


So what will you find at our pub?

  • only the best craft beer in the city we get for you directly from small, quality-oriented craft breweries from Poland and the whole world

  • 13 taps full of interesting beer

  • a genuine Angram beer engine, a hand pump thanks to which you can experience your ales exactly the same way Real Ale is served in the UK

  • Randall The EnamelFriend© which travelled to us straight from The Dogfish Head brewery in the USA

Randall allows us to serve the beer poured and filtered through whatever we desire – freshly roasted coffee beans, fresh fruits, lemongrass, hop cones…there’s no limit to our imagination :)

  • events, bottlesharings, trainings and workshops on homebrewing, sensory courses, beer geek meetings and many others beer related events

  • new beer premieres with guests from breweries

  • closed, private events with great beer we can organize for you!

  • hiring us for a party outside the pub to serve beer during your event (roll bar hire, Bydgoszcz and other locations as well


so why choose craft beer?

Because it’s healthier and tastes better than the average euro lager that is peddled everywhere by multinational corporations.

Craft beer, or „krafty” means:

 Beer that is brewed with passion by people, who mostly started as homebrewers and now have their own small, independent breweries. A drink made only from the best ingredients brewed in many varieties and styles standing in opposition to a popular lager beer designed by corporations to be a simple drink fit for mass consumption


  •  Craft beer is made by the best brewers, who understand that the nature doesn’t need to be hasten with the use of fermentation enzymes speeding the process up at the cost of off flavours appearing in the beer.
  •   It is made of the best ingredients with no cheap substitutes, such as corn starch, rice, glucose-lactose syrup and many other tricks corporate breweries use to cost-engineer lager production.
  • The process of craft beer production is purely natural, with no tricks involved.
  • Craft beer shows that beer is much more complex and versatile then people think. With our work we want to show you that beer offers more sensory experience then whisky or wine, which are usually perceived as more noble drinks. .